Day 65: Maui - Diving

Scuba Dive

We had our dive start at 07:30, so we got up early (at least for our holiday schedule) and went to the dive store. There we got our wetsuits fitted and then had a short introduction into scuba diving. Nicole was allowed to skip this, as she is already certified. After we got the basics there was a really short & easy quiz and then we went to airport beach (where we snorkeled before) to get started.

Mounting the equipment and then walking the ~50 meters to the beach and into the water was heavier than I expected. In the water we did “blowing out the mask” and “loosing and getting back the mouthpiece” to have some practice for these possible scenarios.

Then it was time to start diving, air out of the jacket and down we went. I guess all the scuba divers out there would agree with me, it’s just such a different world underwater, really hard to explain. Floating around was so much fun!

We saw a lot of different fishes, Flying Gurnard was apparently a rare one which looked really cool. There was also a Turtle which was just chilling down there. Our guide offered us the option to go directly for a second dive, so we did that and had two ~40 minutes dive in a single day :)

Unfortunately we didn’t had a waterproof camera, so no pictures of the dive.

Relaxing & Sunset

After the dive we both were hungry, it was already after 12 so we got us some food and ate at the guesthouse. Then it was laundry time again and we used the waiting to play some card games.

Then we went looking for a nice, not too crowded beach (on a Sunday) and after some try & error found Kahana Beach, which was really nice! We stayed there until sunset and got some beautiful shots.


For dinner we cooked again at the guesthouse and then hang out with the other guests, which was really fun!



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