Day 74: Let's go to Kaua'i


I’m well and all is good, don’t get scared by reading the lines that follow

Today’s post could also have the title “How to easily piss off 126 people”, you are asking why? Let me tell you a story…

Let’s go to Kaua’i

As mentioned yesterday, plan for today was to go to Kaua’i. Early flight at 08:20, so we got up 05:00 sharp, packed everything up and were on our way to the airport. Last stop at a gas station to fill up our rental and then returning it at the airport. So far, all went smooth, and we were through security at around ~07:10.

‘Inside’ of the Airport, at the gate
‘Inside’ of the Airport, at the gate

It was time to wait, we did some planing for Kaua’i and I had a Coffee and Banana as a light breakfast. Everything was pretty good, only issue was that I had some chest pressure for the last couple days. Nothing too bad, I just felt it sometimes and it was a bit uncomfortable. But as I’m monitoring my HR with my Garmin 24/7 and my HR was always good, I had no issue with Breathing or any other symptom, I didn’t care too much.

Alright, so we got on the Plane and took our seats. We had to wait till boarding was completed and I started reading a bit and listening to some music. Standard airplane mode :)

Some time passed, boarding was completed and we rolled onto the runway. And then it hit me, just from one moment to the other… Heart rate spiked up, started shaking and felt like fainting. At the time I wasn’t sure what was going on and combined with the pressure on the chest, it felt quite scary.

In hindsight it was probably some sort of panic attack. Maybe because I worried a bit more about the chest pressure than I would like to admit and combined that with my fear of flying lead to this not so nice moment…

What happened next was that I told the flight attended about the discomfort and she told me that she needs to know it immediately if I want to get off the plane. It was a difficult decision but I felt so bad right then, wasn’t sure what was going on and if it maybe would get even worse, so I decided to get off the plane. (Hint: That’s how you piss off 126 people…)

Anyhow, here I cut it a bit short. We went to the Hospital and the rest of the day was mostly waiting between tests, but in the end everything came out well. EKG and all the blood values were good, so I’m cleared for flying tomorrow.

Strange day… But it is how it is.


We just arrived in Kaua’i, could even pickup the rental (nearly 24h our too late), thanks to Alamo! Let’s continue with our adventure :)


Hawaiian Airlines plane
Hawaiian Airlines plane


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