Day 84: This is the end

Back home

We had to get up early, as our flight was leaving Honolulu at 07:00. As we weren’t sure what to expect in regards to waiting at security, we stayed on the safe side and arrived at the airport at 04:30.

As most of the time, this was too early and we had to wait quite a bit :) The flight to SFO was then close to 5h and not to bad. In SFO we had then a 5 hour stopover, which was definitely on the long side…

Then it was another close to 11h to Zurich, thankfully we could both sleep a good portion of it. I also watched Casino, a classic movie.

Back in Rheinfelden
Back in Rheinfelden

It’s a strange feeling to be home, after 3 months of travelling we are not yet sure what to make out of it…


Our United Plan from Honolulu to San Francisco
Our United Plan from Honolulu to San Francisco


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